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A flexible water and weather proof coating for walls and sloped roofs. Not suitable for ponding water. Suitable as general water-proofer used in conjunction with polyester membrane for parapets, flashings, and flat roofs with an acceptable run-off.

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  • Self-cleaning
  • Highly durable
  • Copolymer-based coating which cures to form a tightly adherent, decorative weatherproof membrane
  • Water-based product free from strong odour, toxic risk and may be cleaned with using only water on brushes and spray equipment.
  • Tolerates thermal movement in the substrate without splitting or cracking and will retain its elastomeric properties.
  • Chemical and pollution resistant surface that has been specially engineered to shed dirt to ensure it retains a bright, attractive appearance.
  • Vapour permeable and allows entrapped substrate moisture to escape without causing blistering or delamination.
  • Produces an effective barrier to carbon dioxide diffusion and therefore provides reinforced concrete with an excellent defence against harmful effects of carbonation.
  • Should be reinforced with membrane and is capable of bridging cracks or joints between substrates*.

5L, 20L

Available Colours

Black, Charcoal, Green, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Modern Brown, Modern Red, Terracotta, White

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