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Liquid Rubber Roofseal (20L)


Liquid Rubber ROOFSEAL is a durable, flexible water and UV resistant coating, applied by brush, roller, or spray system to seal and protect roofing and construction materials against water, weather, and corrosive elements.

Liquid Rubber ROOFSEAL is a modified flexible acrylic emulsion with a slight sheen for waterproofing of sloped roofs, parapets, and wall surfaces

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Liquid Rubber ROOFSEAL is used to restore, decorate and protect roofing materials and trimmings. Spray, brush, or roller apply ROOFSEAL to metal; zinc; tiles; fiber cement; gutters; parapet walls; and more. ROOFSEAL is suitable to use on sloped and vertical surfaces and not suitable to use in ponds or concrete roof slabs.


Correct surface preparation is essential for good product performance. Ensure the surface is structurally sound, with moisture content below 15%, free of rust, dust, flaking paint, dirt and failing waterproofing system. Ready-to-use, don’t dilute, stir well with a flat paddle.

Seal work:

Using geo-fabric to re-enforce ROOFSEAL to bridge gaps and transitions. Apply one coat of ROOFSEAL to the area, exceeding the width of the Fabric or fiber mesh. Firmly press the fabric into the wet product, repeat the process in 1-meter lengths at a time. Allow the application to dry before proceeding with 2nd and 3rd coat. Drying time is approximately 2 hours@25°C. Allow to dry completely before proceeding with the next application process.


After correct surface preparation, prime the surface according to industry practices, using water-borne Steel Primer on metal and Bonding liquid on porous surfaces.


As waterproofing paint 3-4m2/L per coat. Apply 2-3 coats ROOFSEAL to the substrate using a brush, roller, or airless spray system with tip size 517 to 521. When used in conjunction with polyester membrane, allow 1 to 1,25L/m2.

Dry & Cure:

Allow drying time between coats, drying time is estimated 2 -3 hours at standard weather condition of 25°C and 50 % humidity. The ROOFSEAL coating is cured within 48hrs.

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Roofseal Colours

Brilliant White, Silver Grey, Light Grey, Grey, Charcoal, Black, Quail, Red, Teracotta, Burgandy, Brown, Green

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