Liquid Rubber SA


Liquid Rubber HB-Sealant Black


Use it for waterproofing, corrosion protection, as a vapour barrier and water containment. Applications include roof maintenance, waterproofing foundations, gutter lining and repair, shower liners, fences, planter boxes, ponds, dams, commercial steel and built up roofs.


ON METAL: HB-Sealant can be applied directly to metal – ensure surface is clean free of dust, friable rust, oils and other contaminants.

ON CONCRETE OR TORCH-ON SYSTEMS: No additional primers are needed. Surface to be clean, free of dust, and flaky coatings.

ON CONCRETE: Use water-diluted HB-Sealant ( 2parts HB-S and 1 part water) as a primer. Allow to dry and apply Liquid Rubber HB-Sealant in multiple thin coats. Thickness can be controlled by applying several coats, allowing 30-60 minutes between coats.

COVERAGE:  to seal ponds and foundations:  Estimated 22m2/20L.

Use geo-fabric to seal and reinforce joints, wider gaps, transitions, and upturns.

DIY Roofing projects:

Looking for leaks target and seal crack, joints and roof penetrations with a brush and Liquid Rubber Seal, use membrane if necessary.

  • Roof penetrations: The most common leak is around a pipe, vent, skylight, cable, chimney parapet wall or anything that penetrates through the roof.
  • Roof materials: Cracks, splits and holes can form in aging roof materials. If small areas of the roof have become brittle, water can seep through tiny cracks, which may not look like a leak source.

5L, 20L

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